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Sun, rain and tropical storm (typhoon) Seniang

To fly or not to fly....

storm 24 °C
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It was two happy people arriving in Colombo after a short flight from Kuala Lumpor. We were looking forward to spend 14 days on the beach in Hikkaduwa, jumping into the waves and to take a long break from traveling.
We traveled around Sri Lanka for a month last year and this time we only wanted to enjoy the beach.

After checking in at our room at "Vibration" we went to the beach and looked for the small family-run hotel we found last year.
The location of this hotel is right on the best part of the beach and the room with a nice porch is a really find for less than $20 per night.


We we're a little bit anxious to see if they had any rooms available and when we met the owner/manager and she gaved us a big smiled and said "You're back!! we knew we didn't have to worry.
We spent the next 7 days on the beach, and some evenings we drank a bit of Arrak on the porch and then went barefoot dancing. Perfect!


And then came the rain....and the rain....and more rain!

It rained mostly the whole time we had left and after listening to screaming drunk Italians 3 nights in a row we decided to leave a day early.
We catched the slow train to Negombo and the next morning we took a Tuk-tuk to the airport in the rain.
We checked in at our hotel in Kuala Lumpor, got our left luggage and after a dinner of Naan we went to bed.

This morning we woke up to the news of the missing Air Asia flight and the burning ferry between Greece and Italy

We are supposed to fly with AirAsia to Cebu in the Philippines tomorrow morning, but with the heavy storm/typhoon heading for that area we hesitate.
We are closely watching the weather forecast in a rainy Kuala Lumpor.

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Kuala Lumpur

Busy days in a big city!

sunny 32 °C
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The bus ride from George town was very nice and comfortable and when we arrived at KL center it was very easy to by voucher for a taxi to bring us to the hotel.
The next day I was very eager to see the Petronas twin tower so we catched the bus to KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center). The towers was truly amazing and the surrounding park was very beautiful.


In the ground floors between the towers is the Suria shopping mall, a huge mall with very exclusive shops.
The people in Malaysia seems to love shopping - there is big shopping malls everywhere.


We went to the Sky bar at Traders hotel to get a good view of the tower and the park.


The next day we walked a lot in the city before going to the Bird Park.
As soon as we got inside the park, a bird decided he liked Hanks hat, and he sat there for a while.


I (together with some other people) got a really good laugh :-)

The park was very nice with birds flying/walking "free" all over the park


It's a big city, but not much to see and do (IMO) if you don't like shopping of course!

We're flying to Sri Lanka tomorrow morning and we are hoping to be able to stay at the same Guesthouse on the beach in Hikkaduwa as we did a year a go! Crossing our fingers!

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George town

It's all about the food!

sunny 34 °C
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After traveling for 7 hours from Hat Yai we were finally let off from the mini-van in George town, it was raining and I took care of the luggage while Hank walked away to find an ATM. I talked with a waiter outside the restuarant where we put our bags and he told me that there was a very few ATM`s, but it should be one a 10 minutes walk in the opposite direction to where Hank went.
There was not much that I could do other than wait for Hank to return.
A very wet and tired Hank returned after an 1/2 hour - of course without any Malaysian ringgit in his pocket, the waiter told him which way to walk so after a little bit, he continued the haunt.
If it hasn't been that he happened to stumble on the girls we shared the mini-van with he wouldn't have known that the ATM was located in a 7/11 store!
We had our MYR and Hank could finally relaxe a little bit and we shared some nachos before we decided to try to take a Trishaw to our Guesthouse.

The poor old man had a really hard time biking with both of us and our luggage and we was afraid that he would get a heart-attack, but thankfully it was not that far.

What we like most in George town is of course - the food! Our favorite is the Indian restuarant Kapitan where we ate a lot of time.
We especially liked the breakfast dishes.

We have walked a lot to see the famous Temples, Clan houses and Mosques.
012D5A40E77A8386DA7C17CB35056FC2.jpg 059.jpg

One morning we went to see the Clan Jetties
015.jpg 013.jpg

012.jpg 009.jpg

George town is in big parts a very modern city with a lot off Avenues and huge shopping malls, but in the old town there is quite different and it's very difficult to walk around without falling into the sewer system or be hit by a car.

032.jpg 036.jpg

027.jpg 028.jpg

Street Art is very popular here
056.jpg CC6F12A1FCB41ED65F38B91AB7683E2F.jpg

Today we went to the Butterfly garden, which was very nice with a lot of butterflies and a beautiful garden

We were told that the best swimming beach was called "Miami Beach" and after taking a detour on the bus, we finally found the beach.

Unfortunately (for me) there was only Muslims there and I didn't want to offend anyone by dressing down to my swimming suit, Hank had a nice swim though.

We have stayed longer than we planned here in George town, mostly because we were too tired of traveling and it was nice to be in the same place for a while.
Tomorrow we will take a bus to Kuala Lumpur, we will stay there for 3 nights before we fly to Sri Lanka.

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Beautiful Koh Lipe

Living barefoot life on this small gorgeous island.

sunny 34 °C
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We left Khao Lak by bus and stayed overnight in Trang to take the minibus and ferry to Koh Lipe the next day.

Our hotel was next to the Night market and this market is well known for its tasty food. Perfect for us and especially for Hank who loves to sample different dishes and snacks


It was a nice way to spend the evening and even I tried and liked the Sushi from the Sushi Lady.
The next morning we took the ferry to Koh Lipe and after 2 hours we saw the white beautiful beaches on the island and our hopes that this was different from Khao Lak, went up.
There is no cars on this island and the Walking street has a lot of restuarants, shops and bars.


We had a very nice 5 nights stay here, tonight we will say goodbye to this island by having a seafood barbeque on the beach.
Tomorrow we will stay in Hat Yai before we take a bus to Georgetown in Malaysia.


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Khao Sok National Park and a short stay in Khao Lak

Rainforest and jungle

rain 29 °C

We arrived in Khao Sok 6 am and after breakfast and a rest in our cottage at Palm View resort we decided to go tubing down the river. We Had to have a guide with us, and to be honest - I was very happy that we did. The water level in the river was very low though so the tubing was quite slow, our guide cathed a baloon fish with his fishing spear. It's the first time we have seen a baloon fish and it was interesting to see the fish blow him self up to a small round baloon. :-)
In the evening we sat on the porch, listening at the sounds from the jungle, drank some Chang and enjoyed the stillness.

The next day we decided to to hike to some waterfalls in the park and we stopped to swim in the ponds on our way.
Swimming in the river

Swimming in the river

We was only able to hike to the 2nd level, we were not allowed to hike the rest without a guide, to be honest - when I looked up to the slippery rocks continued to the next level I was pretty happy to have a reason to say no to Hank, who without any hesitation should have continued.
We went back down again and we felt that the hike was too short so we walked to Art`s Riverside resort to have a late lunch and a swim.
Swimming in Cheow Ian lake

Swimming in Cheow Ian lake

In the evening we signed up for a tour to Cheow Lan lake with a trek into the rainforest and to Tham Talu Cave for the next day and we decided to have an early night.
After breakfast the next day we were ready for the tour and our wonderful host whished us a fun and safe day.
Close to the Cheow lake we stopped to buy trekking shoes made totally of rubber; I'm so glad I bought them - I didn't slip once!

The boat trip on the lake was very beautiful with all the limestone cliffs.

After an hour and and a half we docked at the floating bungalows to have lunch and to swim/kayaking.


I have to say that the bungalows was "very rustic" and I was not the only one in our group who was happy NOT to have booked the tour with an overnight stay:-)

After lunch we took another tailboat to start our trekking in the jungle.

After an hour trekking we reached the opening of the cave and Hank made himself ready to enter the cave.securedownload-35.jpeg

Meanwhile I was already climbing the rocks, eager to enter the cave with snakes, bates, huge spiders and whatever else who likes to live in a cave! :-)
Climbing to enter Tham Nam Thalu caves

Climbing to enter Tham Nam Thalu caves

Pretty soon the water reached over our thighs and we was told that we needed to swim pretty soon. We saw a snake and a frog - but to be honest - I didn't really vwant to see those...happy to look at the stalacmites and thinking about that this cave is millions years old!

We went into the cave for about a couple of hundred meters and we could hear the waterfall, our guide told us it wasn't safe to continue into the
cave, he said the sound from the waterfall was too high.
We turned around and went back to our boat but on the way back to the boat our guide pointed out a very beautiful spider.
Beautiful Spider

Beautiful Spider

Then we went back to the rafting houses and swam a little bit more before we headed back to our resort. The next morning we took the bus to Khao Lak but this place is not really what we like; a 6 lane highway we have to cross to get to the beach side and then walk through huge resorts to finally reach the beach.
After 2 nights here we have decided to go to the island Koh Lipe and we hope that this is more in our liking.

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